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Citizens’ trust in government makes a democratic state develop successfully. Each of us has a right and a possibility to know how funds which we have paid to the government as taxes and charges are spent.

Председатель КСП Волгоградской области Игорь Александрович Дьяченко

The aim of the Chamber of Control and Accounts of Volgograd region is to control legal and effective use of budget funds providing achievement of national goals and protection of national interests.

According to the principles of transparency established in the Law “On the Chamber of Control and Accounts of Volgograd region” we attempt to make the results of our work available for wide audience.

We are ready for cooperation with the colleagues from other agencies, for an open dialogue with the mass media, for interaction with public institutions and citizens who have a proactive attitude and understand the importance of the issues we all face.

 As a full member of the European Organization of Regional External Public Finance Audit Institutions (EURORAI) we consider that an opportunity to communicate and to share experience internationally will promote the progress in finance audit in the state sector.

We are always ready for the dialogue, information exchange and other kinds of cooperation.

Igor Dyachenko
Chairman of the Chamber of Control and Accounts
of Volgograd region